Thinking of buying a condo in a year or two? Start planning now! Buying a new home means making a commitment and a sizeable investment but above all, it’s a decision that deserves to be well planned. So if you have a project to buy a condo, here are the elements that will help you answer the basic questions: what, how, where, when and who. Read more
Should you buy a second car and live in the suburbs or buy a property in town? Here’s a SITREP. Did you know that the annual fixed costs associated with the use of a car are on average $5,409? To be added to these are expenses for gas, maintenance and parking. This is according to an article in La Presse + of August 9... Read more
SHDM makes the headlines in the summer issue of Esquisse magazine Read more

What is Accès Condos?

Accès Condos is an SHDM financial tool that allows you to purchase an affordable, quality divided co-ownership unit (condominium) in Montreal.
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Am I eligible?

The Accès Condos financial tool is available to both first-time and seasoned buyers looking to purchase a condo accredited by our program. The main criterion is that buyers must live in the unit they purchase. Learn more

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